Largie Castle - a rifled nest - Mary GladstoneI have been a journalist, broadcaster and critic for many years and have also published short fiction.  In 1985, my play, ‘The Modern Mariner’, was performed at the Traverse theatre in Edinburgh.

When my daughter, Julia, left home in 2008 to attend Glasgow University, I found I had  time to write exactly what I liked and in 2014, my work of non-fiction, ‘Finding Angus’, was published by Hamish Macdonald Lockhart. This book was the result of having discovered in 2001 some letters lying in a drawer of my deceased mother’s desk. They were written by her brother, Angus Macdonald, who was killed in WW2.  At that time, I knew little about him but was curious to know more.  So, I set about my search. 

Little by little, I found information about my uncle.  I searched family documents and visited Angus’s schools and university where I learned a few facts about him.  In 1934, he joined the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and embarked on a military career that eventually put him on the front line in Malaya as Chief-of-Staff to various commanders. 

Following the fall of Singapore in February 1942, Angus was ordered out of the island and told to reassemble in India but he drowned after his transport was torpedoed by the Japanese.  All the British witnesses but one, also died, some cannibalized by the other few survivors.  Angus’s death caused a generation of silence, especially when a book was published by the sole British survivor of the tragedy revealing all sorts of horrors that occurred after the evacuees’ ship sank. 

For the 75th anniversary (2nd March 2017) of Angus’s death, I have re-written the book, giving it the title, ‘Largie Castle, a rifled nest’.  Published by Firefallmedia it can be ordered from Amazon or from your local bookstore.  (342 pages: £27 hard cover - £14.25 paperback)